Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ever-Growing Vortex of Social Media

Social media is on a growth spurt these days.

Anyone who is involved in social media for any reason is aware of the power that it has above everyone. Without social media, I would have not have used the practical application of marketing, connect with people in and around the automotive industry, increased people’s awareness of my writing, reconnect with friends from the past and family and establish new relationships with new folks – colleagues included.

This week gave me an insight on how much more there is to learn on the social media front. There are many spaces to put one’s self into for various reasons. It is a matter of exploring the possibilities of the newer tools to use for professional and personal purposes.

An inventory is needed here. A look at what I use – and how. What are my impressions of each one? What kind of future us there for utilizing them? Ehem…