Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Are You "Occupying?"

In all actuality, I am a part of the 99% the “Occupy” movement has been talking about.

I am working – temporarily. I am also doing side projects and guiding my business and writing endeavors towards new plateaus. In all, I’m doing what I can to pay rent and my immediate bills.

Beyond that, it’s a bloody mess. I prefer not to discuss my business here. I’ve learned that’s dangerous water in social media. This is why I’ve been silent about things, such as employment and other worries.

What I need to address here is a concern over the reaction to the “Occupy” movement. When you get a cross-section of people coming together towards a single cause, there has to be an understanding that you are there for a single reason agreed upon everyone in the movement. If there is partial agreement, the movement cannot move at a pace preferably by everyone involved.

The partial agreement issue is the open chasm where divergent issues can also be lumped into the argument. From what I’ve seen via video and photos, side agendas were present along with the primary cause. This is discerning if the cry is to “tax the rich,” “make Wall Street accountable,” “make the Government accountable”…and so forth.

What happens when side agendas get thrown in the mix is the presence of a scapegoat. This is where I need to express my concern. Once you have the Left and the Right meet, there will be a great argument over each side’s peripheral agendas. Issues ranging from the environment, universal civil rights, immigration…among others…could be thrown on the table weakening the main reasons behind the “Occupy” movement. Once this happens, then the movement will begin to become irrelevant and lose focus on what’s important.

Then, the scapegoat is unleashed. I could name the potential suspects, but that would further dilute the movement. Yet, we need someone to blame. Who? Which collective entity? What if the scapegoat was part of your movement? You might as well amputate your own appendage that this point and give up on the cause.

My only caveat to this movement is simple: Please stay on your message. Leave your other pressing agendas at home. If you want job creation, make sure it’s jobs for everyone – not just for your bloc. If it means credit forgiveness, then it should be for every American in debt – not just you and those who only share your philosophy.

In a democracy, the people in power are obligated to listen to the voices of many – not just a few.  This is how it is supposed to work in this country for the past two centuries and so forth. I can only hope for something good will come from these “occupations.” 

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