Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Poem - Perhaps the Reason Why I'm Still Single

Originally Written in Early 2005

There will be no “good-night” tonight
No “I love you,” or salutations
Such as “honey” or “sweetie” or “darling”
There will no longer be a need
Or a want…or, a desire
To share a common space
Clothed or naked, tonight
Tomorrow or…evermore!

There will no longer be a trust
Or, an understanding…or, a care
As to how things were, or will ever be
There will never be a time, a place
Or, a meal shared together
A movie, a ballgame
Even time with our friends
Either yours or mine

There will be no more lies
No more excuses or aversions
To my issues as you play out yours!
There will be no more tolerance
To your so-called love for me
You say you love me
I did, and then you blew it!
Now leave me alone!

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