Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Look at Ol' Saint Nick

Originally Posted on December 6, 2006

As children, we are told that the Holidays arrived when Santa Claus comes to town. We are often told the story of “The Night Before Christmas” as a reminder that St. Nick is bringing us our goodies on Christmas morning.

Over the years, we found out that Santa is really not that guy at the mall you tell your wishes to. We also found out that your letters you’ve been sending to The North Pole end up at a post office in Prudhoe Bay, and what normally would be “returned to sender” gets “delivered” into the Dead Letter Office. In reality, you are Santa incarnate. You buy the gifts, hide them under the tree, then turn around coyly to say that Santa went to Macy’s and got you that lovely Izod sweater for Christmas.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…but he’s more of a legend than anyone you can actually trace on a Driver’s Licensing Bureau’s database.

However, there are some folks in big men’s gay and bisexual communities (read: Bears and Chub/Chasers) who still believe in Santa Claus. They believe in this character as something entirely different than some big jolly fella in a red felt-like flannel suit and a matching floppy hat.

Let us take a look at Santa himself. He is an older chubby male with a large white beard and moustache. He has a jolly demeanor. Let’s not forget his ruddy cheeks! In fact, he may fall into several people’s line of attraction.

But is Santa really a sex symbol? In some people’s eyes, Santa is the embodiment of the ultimate Daddy or Polar Bear. It is not unusual to hear from a man who may have had fantasies about St. Nick. I have met some people in the bear and chub/chaser who actually took on the look of Santa Claus. These are guys who live the Santa fantasy all year long.

While some people think this is a sick and perverted fantasy to take on, it seems comfortable for others. Without going into the specifics, some aspects of Santa’s life and role may seem attractive to a few on both sides of the engagement. It may seem innocent, but even the act of sitting on Santa’s lap has various meanings to various people.

Yet, there are those of us in the big men’s gay/bisexual communities who have a fun view of Santa. Some of us even play St. Nick or see the humor in wanting to go up and take their picture with Santa at the local mall. A larger man in a Santa’s hat, with a branch of mistletoe at ready in his hand, is another fun way we appropriate our view of that jolly old man.

In all seriousness, the Holidays are celebrations of sharing. Sharing of the love of your friends, family and other who have made your lives whole throughout the year. These days are celebrations of faith and tradition from which we were borne into from our youth…even the tradition of Santa Claus.

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