Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bobaloo Sez "Do Not Pass Go!"

Originally Posted on August 14, 2005

Don’t let the haters to tell you anything, Bobaloo Rox! The spelling is correct, according to his website. Yet, if I correctly spelled the word “rocks,” it would take away from one of the funniest people I know who employs his craft professionally.

The comedian popularly known as Bobaloo is actually Bob Koenig, a kid from Milwaukee, who takes you through his rough-and-tumble working-class childhood using board games as a euphemism for life in his one-man show, “Do Not Pass Go.” The short one-act piece premiered at the Columbus Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival last year. This year, it was presented at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The venue was perfect for the Los Angeles-based Bobaloo’s comedy and energy.

It is not just the games that enable Bobaloo through his tough childhood as he emerged easily into being openly gay by the time he attended college. In-between references to the various games he played, Bobaloo reveals a lonely boy who was not shy about wanting to connect with his friends...and with the characters of a popular Parker Brothers board game. His journey takes you through his love for Kiss, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and lets you laugh through the entire show. If you’re lucky, you might even do the Time Warp with him.

Co-written with playwright Randy Wyatt, Bobaloo’s performance de-emphasizes the theater aspect of the show and take you down the middle between classic comedy theatre and his stand-up act. The balance works very well as he weaves this story through a series of vignettes presented chronologically. He also takes time to make fun of himself and let everyone laugh along with him. This is part of Bobaloo’s magic and charm.

Everywhere Bobaloo performs, he knocks everyone’s socks off. Even with a small crowd on the Festival’s final day, no one was able to escape Bobaloo’s web of hilarity. In the end, Bobaloo Rox!

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