Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Art of Relocation

Originally Posted on August 28, 2005

ow many of us can say that moving was a flawless experience? When you move from one to place, whether it’s cross-town or to another state, there will always be one glitch that would almost ruin the experience.

Thinking back, I had plenty of those moments. The source for these episodes revolves one of my not-so-good traits: my impatience. When all of my worldly possessions is downstairs ready to be loaded, it’s going to get loaded the first second I get a chance to do so. Which also means that I’m ready to go as soon as the vehicle is packed. Sure enough, either something or someone gets left behind. I can never get my mind to slow down enough to consider that final piece of the puzzle.

Then, there’s the miscalculation. The one number that you thought would work out turns out to be either over budget or nonexistent. For example: gas. This makes sense with today’s pump prices, but oh so costly if you thought it would cost you a certain amount for a day’s move whereas you paid too much in the process. This probably happened to me a few times already.

Perhaps the worse thing to occur in a move is miscommunication. Gotta love that one! Even in the age of cell phones and PDAs, if you try to reach someone with some critical information, guess the chances of that message never being received? You left early and part of your party is at the other place waiting for you to load up your stuff. There’s a message waiting in their voice mail saying that you did indeed leave early and to meet at the new place. What about when you get to the new place? Your new roommates are either out of town or still asleep when you are sitting in your vehicle with all of your stuff waiting to get something inside your new home.

How about directions? The worst form of miscommunication known to everyone! One wrong piece of direction will send your moving party to another neighborhood! Even another state!

Every new home takes some time to get used to. New neighbors, new commute patterns, mail forwarding...even old habits put on hold until you get comfortable into the new space. In time, you get settled in and start enjoying the remainder of your lease period. In that time, you start furnishing the place like mad and getting necessities to make your life easier at the new place. You discover great places to shop, eat and chill out. Let’s not forget memorizing the nearest place to rent DVDs, the nearest public library, your local government representatives and the names of the cool (and cute) guy at the counter of the nearby store you find yourself frequenting…a lot.

I must admit that I’ve lost count on the number moves I’ve made since my first one in 1987. Perhaps I’ve been lucky. If you lived in the place that you grew up for the first 23 years of your life, you have to make a concerted effort to find a place like that again. It is doubtful that I will find one to live for another 23 years, but I will be happy to live where I am at right now. I have to. I just paid my next month’s rent this morning.

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