Friday, April 29, 2011


Originally Posted on May, 2007

It was an amazing night! Lori and I made it so by switching places and keeping the evening lively. Andrea Jenkins, one of the curators of the GLBT Reading Series at SASE, was completely blown away. Well…so was I.

The highlight of the evening came when I was asked by Lori to read a piece from her short story compilation, Stepping Out: Short Stories. It was a letter from a father to his lesbian daughter on the occasion of the birth of his grandchild. It was a cold reading done in the voice of what I call a “typical Minnesota father.” Frankly, I was amazed I pulled this reading off.

I do not teach any classes on writing or spoken word performance, but I can pass along one thing to anyone who reads this blog: if you write something read it out loud! When you do, find the voice that reads in the way it should be delivered! Lastly, see how your voice can be flexible to use a different inflection, tone, accent, octave…etc…as long as it is not false to your audience.

Oh yeah, and characters exist in poetry…not just in mine!

Thanks to those who came out and attended this event! Until next year…somewhere…

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